Carpaccio of Sirloin with Olive Oil, Olives and Flakes of Manchego Cheese

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– 1 brioche-type loaf of bread
– 1 smoked Liébana Quesuco cheese (or Mahón,Tetilla or San Simón)

Caramelized onion:
– 1 lb 2 oz onions
– 4 tbsp brown sugar
– 4 tbsp oil
– 4 tbsp vinegar
– Salt


Caramelized onions: Finely slice the peeled onions and place in a pan with the sugar, vinegar, oil and salt. Simmer until any liquid has evaporated and the onions are beginning to caramelize. The process can be speeded up by cooking the ingredients in a covered container for 15 minutes in the microwave, then quickly boiling off any excess liquid.Slice the bread into medium-sized slices, trim any rind off the cheese and cut it into wedges. Place one wedge of cheese on each slice of bread then top with a spoonful of caramelized onion. Place the canapés in a hot oven 360 degrees F for 5 minutes to quickly melt the cheese.

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