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  • Thanks for considering Enoteca for your special occasion. We are getting more and more popular for private functions – maybe you have attended one here and that’s why you know we can take care of your event! From bridal showers to birthday parties to customer appreciation cocktail hours and corporate Christmas parties, we’ve got you covered. We have a diverse selection of formats and spaces to offer. So let’s get started with tailoring your evening. Make your choices from the drop-downs below to give us an idea of what you have in mind.

  • Party Style

  • Cocktail Party:

    Informal mingling with food put out at a table for buffet-style self service.


    Set menu with individual plates or family style sharing.

    Click here to view spaces in our online gallery.

  • Room Preference

  • Inside:

    There’s a private dining room (15-25 ppl), or multiple rooms (25-50 ppl), or whole restaurant; there’s also an inside/outside option with the private room plus part of the patio.


    There’s patio courtyard (25 ppl), courtyard plus covered patio (25-50 ppl), skybox deck overlooking Jefferson St. (15-25 ppl).

  • Extras

    Private Bar:

    $50 extra; your preselected wines/beers/etc will be poured for your party at a private bar by a server instead of set up at a drink station for self service.


    Hourly rates vary; we can make referrals based on your preferences and book and pay the musician(s).

    Outside Dessert:

    Bringing in desserts for your party are perfectly acceptable (but our bread pudding is pretty great!); there will be a $1 per person charge for plating and clean-up.

  • Food & Drink Preorders

    Now that you have a visual picture of your evening, let’s talk about the really important parts: food and drink! Below is a tapas menu with food descriptions and quantities of items per order. Go ahead and look over the menu, get familiar with our offerings, and make a preliminary menu – then we can help you customize it for your party’s budget and dietary needs.

    Click here to view our Event Planning Menu.

  • Planning Rules of Thumb to Consider

    1. Start with cheese and meat plates – two or three selections of each, and one serving per four people. The marcona almonds, house marinated olives, and stuffed dates are excellent starters to accompany cheese and meat plates.

    2. Order three to six different tapa. Two is not a diverse enough offering and more than six typically leads to dishes running out before everyone could try everything.

    3. In general, order one serving of a tapa per three guests. You will see quantities listed next to the tapas on the menu- most come in multiples of three, so ordering one serving per three guests allows for everyone to get one or two of that tapa (one date or fig, two stuffed mushrooms or shrimp, etc). Some tapas don’t have a fixed quantity (salad, brussels sprouts, patatas bravas) – stick with the serving per three rule on those. Notice that chicken pincho skewers and lamb sliders are two per order, so order accordingly. And while planning quantities to order, consider vegetarians/vegans, attendees who will have eaten already, and other circumstances that will have a bearing on the quantity of food your party will need.

    4. For wine, you can offer a full selection – white, rosé, red, and bubbly- but at least offer a red and white! We budget one bottle per three people for social functions; one bottle per four people for professional functions.
    We pour 5oz wine pours, which yields five glasses per bottle. You know your guests better than we do – if you have a group of enthusiastic wine lovers you might need to order more wine! We don’t want to run out. We keep a larger inventory on hand of our wines on the Glass menu, so go to our Menus page and check that menu out if you want to make selections that we will have extras of in case your party is thirstier than you planned! You will only be charged for what is opened; any unfinished bottles can be resealed by your server (to comply with open container laws) and taken home.

    5. Non-wine: You can select beers to have available to your group, as well as liquor drinks to be included- or you can give your guests a price cap on beers or liquor drinks and they can order on the party’s check.
    If separate checks for guests is desired (after the party has consumed all preselected items, or if guests want items not included on the party’s ticket), this will have to be discussed in advance- it is typically possible for smaller groups. Enoteca reserves the right to enforce our policy of no separate checks for parties over 12 people- but we will do everything in our power to be accommodating.

  • Contact Information

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  • Notes

  • *Instead of a reservation fee we charge a $1/person set-up fee, counted as the higher of the estimated guest count or the actual guest count. This covers the time we spend planning your event with you, time spent planning internally, and any space preparation work that we do in advance to accommodate your party.

    *Preorders are due one week prior to the date of the event.

    *We need a card on file for parties over 12. The party’s bill will not be charged to this card- it is to hold the reservation and will be charged a $200 cancelation fee if the party is canceled within one week of the event or if other parties have been turned away to accommodate your group’s function. The card number will be kept on file in our safe and destroyed after the function.