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Those who are regular smoker are certainly aware that there are different ways one can smoke. Some people may prefer to use pipes while some may use even a plain spoon to start with. For many of you, bongs and bubblers are quite a favorite device for smoking cannabis. Both these devices are quite similar too.

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As you will find both bong and bubblers have many similarities and both utilize water in order to filter and cool your smoking process. But do you know there are quite a lot of differences between them too? Let us list out the differences between bongs and bubblers.

  1. Bowl size

Due to their compact designs, bubblers usually have smaller and shallower bowls. While bongs are 4 feet tall and can work with both shallow and deep bowls. As per the need of smoker, one can switch to his old bowl or can have multiple bowls.

2. Level of complexity while cleaning

Those who have used bongs know how difficult it is to clean a bong. In case the interior features are too delicate like having multiple percolators or ice catchers, which generally gets cracked or broken with slightest hit.

Usually, tree percolators and showerhead percolators are few most fragile styles. However, most glass bubblers usually are so designed that they can be easily cleaned. For cleaning any bong or bubbler you need to simply fill with salt and isopropyl alcohol and give a good shake.

For bubblers, you may use soaked cotton swab and get the entire gunk out from difficult to reach areas.

3. Customization

You can easily customize your bongs as they have got multiple parts. You may choose your own combination of percolators, add any new bowl or any ash catcher for improving the performance and also offer more visual appeal.

However, in case of water bubblers, there are no additional elements, hence whatever style and design that you selected while buying will remain the same throughout.

4. Portability

Due to having easy portability and discreet design, people usually sought after for bubblers. You can easily bring your bubbler which going for camping trip, just light it up and then stow them away quite easily.

Bongs will come in various sizes, even the mini bongs that measures less than 6” however, still they are larger than bubbler. Besides, most bongs need multiple pieces while bubbler usually have single solid glass piece. Having lesser pieces would mean you need to worry less about breaking.

5. Sharing

While relaxing in your living room you may easily reach for your bong. However, while sharing your bong with your friends while you are on the go, bubbler will be your obvious choice.

You can easily handle any bubbler and they are perfect while passing all around at any get together or in group setting. As bubblers are not likely to break so easily, hence you need not worry about any party fouls either.