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No doubt floor mats have versatile utility purpose. That is the reason floor mats are seen everywhere even in elevators. There are special floor mats installed in elevators to safeguard its floor from heavy foot traffic. Floor mats wherever laid helps to enhance the décor of the place.

The reasons for laying elevator mats-

  • The mats protect the elevator floors from scratches and other damages.
  • There won’t be any dust, debris or wetness affecting the metal base of the lift. Thus, the lift base won’t be easily worn out.
  • The person using the lift feels the padding under their feet quite comfortable. They are saved from stepping on a slippery floor.
  • The maintenance of the lift becomes easier.

There are a range of elevator floor mats available in both land-based and online markets. The types of mats differ in size, shape, useable material and design. The elevators installed in commercial premises have custom logo mats that were ordered by the company. The mat having the company name acts as a cheaper and effective advertising tool. Some of the best sellable elevator mats that are personalized quite creatively are sold by popular sellers like Ultimate Mats. To know in detail about their highly sold numerous kinds of floor mats anytime you can visit their homepage.

Types of highly favored elevator floor mats:

  • Berber mat – They are the commonest commercial mats laid everywhere in working space even in lifts. It is thick, highly durable, available in varied dark trendy colors, strong and flexible. There is a rubber layer glued in the back part to make it non-slippery.
  • Mats having imprinted logos, brand name or messages – They are ever trendy and look really elegant. It adds glamour to the elevator décor as this customized mat is creatively designed. Now, the Water Hog impression HD floor mats are on the trend as they look highly stylish and need lesser maintenance.
  • Drainage mats made of rubber – It is mostly used in elevators where it is raining the whole year. They drain the water on the floor keeping the surface of the mat dry to have a firm foothold preventing any slippery accidents.
  • Turtle tiles – The mats are another fashionable version of rubber mat. They are modernly designed remain dry at the top to prevent wetness that may create accidents. Mostly used in commercial area like near swimming pools, spa and in hotel shower rooms.
  • Anti- fatigue mats – Mats are made using special materials to provide comfort to elevator users. They have aesthetical qualities thus expensive. Mostly installed in exclusive escalators.

The elegantly paneled elevator floor is sure to get damaged if superior quality mats aren’t installed rightly. Any kind of floor mat won’t help to keep the lift interior perfectly well-maintained. You need to buy tuff mats that won’t be worn out easily and adversely affected by outer environment hazards or because of heavy foot traffic.

Hence, it is best to fix elevator mats that possess highly durable quality. There are innumerable vendors of commercial floor mats, thus opt to buy from reliable sellers or manufacturers. You can buy from the vendor having well trained staff ready to install the mats in elevators. That helps to be safe from the trouble of contacting floor mat installers.